Why the Internet is a Basic Need in Today’s World.The world has become so small and fast-paced that it’s nearly impossible to imagine life without access to the Internet. Many people assume they can live without it; they will just use their smartphones as their main source of information, social media, and entertainment. However, this isn’t always possible. Without access to the Internet, you are severely limiting your career prospects and any chance of staying up-to-date on anything you want or need to know about. Don’t let this happen to you – join the 21st century by taking full advantage of the Internet and all it has to offer.


You may have had a day where you missed lunch, or maybe there was an accident and your car got towed. Maybe you were even on vacation and you need to find something that doesn’t exist within the country. Regardless of the reason, we all need internet for one thing or another on occasion, whether it be for communication, research, fun, or shopping. You would be surprised how often people these days rely on internet as part of their daily lives; most likely without even knowing it.
This may not seem like anything groundbreaking until you really start to think about how dependent our society has become with technology. For example, Facebook has millions of users who log in each and every day without any trouble at all.

How Many People Have Internet Access?

70% of people on earth use some form of the internet, and 2.2 billion of them use smartphones to access it. That number is growing as more and more people gain access to devices and know-how needed to navigate this digital world. The internet has become not only a way for us to educate ourselves but also our primary source for information about everything from entertainment to news. We can’t be fully functioning members of society without an internet connection.

The Cost of Getting Online

The cost of internet access has changed with new innovations. In 1988, telecommunication companies were able to offer phone service at roughly $14 per month. A decade later, prices increased as high as $55 per month for similar services. The pricing for phone and internet plans fluctuate just like other services such as cable television do. As other innovations came on the market to increase convenience and accessibility, these price increases made sense when put into perspective of what consumers were receiving in return for their monthly payments.
Despite the price changes, having internet connection for purposes of downloading information or surfing the web has come to be considered a basic need by most people around the world.

The Fact That Most Households Don’t Have Any Access

Internet access has quickly become an integral part of many people’s lives and one of their basic needs. Many households do not have internet or have access to high-speed internet. This lack of connectivity slows economies, deprives households of information and educational opportunities, limits social participation, and jeopardizes public safety. The good news is that connecting everyone to the internet can be accomplished with relatively low-cost measures such as building on-ramps onto existing networks or employing wireless technologies (which can cover areas that otherwise would be unreachable).

Impacts on Development and Quality of Life

The impacts of the internet are undeniable. Developing and underdeveloped countries alike have been touched by it, as it has enabled development, trade, social change, and more. If a country wants to succeed economically in this globalized world we live in today, they must have a stable internet connection. Communication, education, finance and healthcare can all be negatively impacted if this doesn’t happen. Even for those living in developed countries who only work from home can struggle with how to get their jobs done without reliable WiFi or cell service. Just imagine trying to get paid if you’re on vacation from an online-based business! Without these things people would not be able to properly conduct their daily lives at all; let alone thrive or even survive in this day and age.

Critical Role That the Internet Plays in Agriculture, Education, Health Care, Government

As you can see, internet plays an important role for many parts of our society. The internet allows us to find new cures for cancer, study for school, and stay up-to-date on current events. In some countries around the world, the internet is not available to everyone yet due to low education rates or slow access speeds but with it being more affordable and accessible than ever before there’s really no excuse not to have it today.
If we continue on this path of making sure that everyone has access to a computer and net neutrality continues as well then I predict that by 2040, internet will be an absolute necessity just like having running water or electricity.


The internet has been a basic need for many people. In today’s world, there are limited jobs that do not require internet access. People rely on the internet to do research, communicate with others, and more! People use these services like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo!, and Reddit which could be an essential part of their day-to-day lives.

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