10 Email Marketing Tips to Help You Send Better Emails.Email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to reach your audience, whether you’re sending out newsletters, announcements, or special offers. But before you hit send, there are many different things you should take into consideration. Follow these 10 email marketing tips to help you send better emails and increase your revenue.

1) Write a catchy subject line

When email marketing, it’s important to keep your subject line captivating. Here are 10 tips for getting started with email that might make all the difference!
First and foremost, consider whether the subject line will be seen in an inbox packed with others of a similar nature. If this is the case, don’t try to stuff as much information into your subject line as possible; instead, create two or three lines that are catchy enough for a person’s attention span. For example: Don’t Miss This! or Our Latest Updates can work well in these cases because they are short and sweet. Also, make sure you’re keeping your language clean and respectful.

2) Use bullets, lists, and bolded text

1. Keep the design clean and uncluttered. This will help your emails look professional, easier to read, and inviting to open

2. Use a lot of text in your emails. A minimum of 20% is a good idea but more than 50% is even better if you’re trying to make an emotional connection with your prospects

3. Test subject lines before sending them out into the world

3) Include social media sharing buttons

Email marketing is the most trusted form of marketing, with an industry-leading ROI. It’s important to do it right, and here are 10 email marketing tips that will help you be more successful.

  • Share personal stories: Show how your product helps people achieve their goals and make life better. The more human your message, the better!

4) Keep emails short and use simple language

Email marketing is still one of the most important tools for building and maintaining relationships with your customers. Here are 10 email tips for crafting better emails.
1) Keep your emails short and use simple language. You’re just not going to get as much out of an email that’s a paragraph or two long, as you will from one that’s four sentences or less.

2) Encourage engagement by including something they can respond to, like a question you want them to answer or a poll where they can vote in real time on their opinion about something relevant in the world right now.

3) Use emojis sparingly–only if it really adds some emphasis or sense of humor to what you’re saying, and keep it at one per email at most.

5) Add images

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes an email is even better. That’s why we’ve put together these email marketing tips for you.

1. Include pictures or gifs.

2. Include your logo

.3. Customize your font and color schemes

4. Increase readability with alternating text colors

5. Incorporate multimedia content like audio and video clips, GIFs, animations, polls and more 6. Ask the right questions

7. Clearly define what you’re expecting the reader to do next

6) Include links to your website

I help people like you start their own email marketing business. The best way to get started is by first taking this 10-step email marketing course. It’s got a ton of great information, and will help guide you through the process step-by-step.
You can also check out our blog, which contains lots of great content on things like writing headlines, using images and videos, segmenting your list, how many emails to send per month, how often should you be sending an email? The answer will surprise you!
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7) Deliver them on time

-Write subject lines that have some kind of clarity. If the email is not time-sensitive, use a good call-to-action and a good content marketing angle to encourage the recipient to take a desired action. If you need the recipient’s attention now, start with Alert or Urgent.
-Offer something in return for their time, whether it be a download, access to your blog, etc.
-Make it quick – don’t make your recipients dig through endless emails or spend more than two minutes looking at an email from you. On average, people spend 5 seconds on each new email before deciding whether they want to open it or not.

8) Don’t overdo it with autoresponders

It’s tempting to automate all of your marketing messages and set up an autoresponders for pretty much anything: webinar registrations, newsletter subscriptions, new blog post announcements. However, this strategy can backfire. Keep the following in mind when it comes to autoresponders:

  • Use them sparingly and don’t send out a flurry of them all at once I.e., every time you publish a new blog post or add new products to your website.
  • Keep them as simple as possible–avoid putting too many details about what customers need to do next. What steps does a customer have to take in order for the process you want them go through? This will help guide their buying journey. Do they need more information?

9) Make sure they look good on mobile

Chances are you use email as a primary marketing channel. Smart thinking: there’s no better way to build relationships with customers, prospects, and others than through the ubiquitous inbox. But even if you’ve got some great content, it can be tricky to make sure your emails come across just as well on mobile devices as they do on computers or tablets. Here are 10 email marketing tips that will help your messages be better-received by all of your customers:

10) Personalize them

Email marketing is an excellent way to reach your customers and generate revenue. For those of you who are thinking about or just starting with email marketing, here are 10 tips that will help you optimize your email campaigns.
First, be sure that the content of your email is relevant and timely. A good rule of thumb is not to send emails more than once a month unless it’s something highly relevant like an anniversary or significant day in the company. Second, always keep track of your blasts in order to keep track of what messages were sent when and how many times they were opened. There are great programs available that allow you to use auto-responders so that you can automatically send back replies if people click on the links within your emails.


Keep your branding consistent in your emails.

Include a call-to-action that’s relevant for the email topic.

Use people’s first names when addressing them and ask questions throughout the email.

Test different subject lines on multiple segments of your list to see which performs best before sending it out more broadly.

Place CTAs near the beginning of the email where people are more likely to read them (don’t forget images).

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